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Dec 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
. the cd remained firm on their pledge not to raise taxes. social democrat leader cyclone gabrielle first the party's rank and file to back the agreement in a referendum next week. he has acted was acquitted grand coalition has written a coalition agreement for regular people to carry out their responsibilities every day. is there some water cannons to stabilize fairness and social balance in our country and this week's upset about austin is none of these yet. spd members accept the deal chancellor under the miracle could be re elected to a heectedndrm in midember i began. italy's senatebefore voted onednesday t expel former prime minister silvio berlusconi following his conviction for tax fraud the decision meansravis county loses his parliamentary immunity and could face arrest in connection with other legal roceedings against him. they include with an underage prostitute and abuse of office. the vote was preceded by heated debate between supporters and opponents doomadgee imagine that this is a historic dayor italy just for them to the rule of law has been strengthened because it's cl
Dec 7, 2013 6:00am PST
their tax money, says andro, but if they could give us work, we could earn our own money. his sister chimes in the czechs think we're lazy, that's not true. e would like to work, but how? the apartment is not just small, it's also expensive. his sister wants to move, but she says their chances of finding a new place are slim because of their name. their appearance, and their accent. this apartment belongs to another roma. he's profitting from their desperation. his sister shows us the bathroom. it's the only place we can tore anything, she says. the washing machine is also broken, she laughs. that's all the family needs. >> this is the school nearest to the roma neighborhood. miro used to go here. it's a special school. the principal has work here for over 20 years. an above average number of roma children end up here because this school is so close to their home, and because other schools don't consider the disadvantages they face in their entrance tests. but they aren't stupid. it's just that roma children receive far less support from their families. it's not easy for roma children in th
Dec 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
taxes and to do with money daunting. if the allegations but come to the financial sector in europe would have another large scale scandal i was in frankfurt. here's a quick look at the numbers from the market starting in frankfurt the dax was down by about two percent to ninety two twenty three cents. us stocks fifty over two percentage points down thirty thirteen advantage over in new york dow jones industrial average was also down. trading right now cause to present it to one percent down fifteen eight seventy one year was actually up against the dollar though one thirty five ninety eight jonathan has been one of the first time since nineteen ninety seven. like that may indicate that the spanish economy is weak and the corner. the figures are all the more surprising as the unemployment rate only rises in october november after the summer tourist season ends. there are still for twenty million people in spain was out and yell. some political news from tammy the country's sixteen federal states of making a false attend to on tonight extremist npd auntie to raise domestic intelligence age
Dec 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
complain that we live off their tax money says on to that they would give this work week and earn our own money. in the vicinity apple was assisted chimes in on the texting for lazy but that's not true. we would like to work now. the vet the apartment is not just small it's also expensive. on drew's sister wants to move but she says their chances of finding a new place are slim because of their name their appearance and their accent. oh well. this apartment belongs to another room these profiting from their desperation. meaning that the owner's sister shows us the bathroom. it's the only place we can store anything she sets out that way. they are eleven the washing machine is also broken. that's all the family needs. yet unknown bring your mommy you know. this is the school nearest to the roman neighborhood. here are used to go here. it's a special school principal martinez said hello but has worked here for over twenty years. the evidence of an above average number of roma children and appeared because the school was so close to their homes. because of the schools don't consider the disa
Dec 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
the warsaw headquarters of the european border control agency from tax the eu says the new system will help save the lives of refugees and catch criminals. the hopeful twentieth the east side of the main component of course it is to provide the network to monitor and organized crime and illegal immigration and migration of up to date all was that of course also to save the lives of people in distress at sea. he will self seed teams from the soybean seed of sealed them up and gone to bed. but critics say the system is more about turning away migrants than helping them it started operation on the eu southern and eastern borders. also on monday un human rights chief cannot be the day. she is growing evidence that lead in syrian government officials have committed crimes against humanity. she called on the international criminal court to open a probe into the country's civil war delay said responsibility for atrocities committed in the syrian conflict extended to the top echelons of government including president bush are outside germany's brewers started lobbying for the country's beer purity
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)